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For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich,
yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through
His poverty might become rich.
2 Cor. 8:9

If they obey and serve Him, They shall spend their days in prosperity,
And their years in pleasures.
Job 36:11

Prayer Points





TEXT: GEN.1:25-31

PROV. 15:29, ZACH. 7:13; JOHN 9:3, JAMES 4:3



1. Thank You dear Lord, for Your great love that made You to create us in Your own image and hand over the key of dominion to us.

2. Thank You dear Lord, for all good things of life You have freely given us to enjoy.

3. Thank You Lord, for the glory of the former house (of love and dominion) that we enjoyed in this Church in the past.

4. Thank You Lord, for Your grace upon our past heroes (the first generation leaders and members) who surrendered themselves to You for the exhibition of Your glory and power.

5. Thank You Lord, for the victory and dominion You gave us to live above the corruption of sin and the world in Jesus name.

6. Thank You Lord, for the unprecedented victories we have enjoyed over witches and wizards as well as other agents of darkness.

7. Thank You for the victories over all the “serpents and scorpions” that had withstood and confronted us on the field of evangelism.

8. Thank You for many territorial spirits that have been dislodged to give room for the planting of Your Church.

9. Thank You Lord, for many victories we have gained over incurable sicknesses, deaths and sorrow.

     10. Thank You Lord, for the victories of the Victory Month over the years.



     SECTION 2


TEXTS: PS.66: 18-20, LAMENTATION 3:8, 44; JOB 27:9;

PROV. 15:29, ZACH. 7:13; JOHN 9:3, JAMES 4:3



1.  Read Psalm 31:10 Lord, give me total and timely victory over every     iniquity that kills my strength.

2.  Read Ps. 18:23. Holy Spirit, help me to always be upright before God by keeping myself from mine iniquity.

3.  Read Jer. 5:25. What are your sins that are withholding good things from you and your family? Name them: O Lord, by Your mercy purge those sins working, standing or speaking against my destiny.

4.  Read II Sam. 12:9-14, Eph. 4:27. Iniquity gives the devil access to one’s life and family. Lord purge me from every form of iniquity that gives Satan access to my life.

5.  Eccl. 10:8. Iniquity breaks the divine hedge around one’s life. It also breaks the shield or protection around one .O Lord, give me total dominion or mastery over iniquity.

6.  Your iniquity deprives you of the right standing with God. It also destroys the boldness of your faith before the throne of Grace. Lord, command total victory for me over sin of any sort.

7.  I Tim. 5:24 Lord, destroy any sin going ahead or coming behind me.

8.  Prov. 16: 6 O Lord, by mercy, purge every iniquity of my life, family and lineage.

9.  Zech.3:4. Lord, cause my iniquity to pass from me and clothe me with garment of righteousness.

10.  O Lord, help me to operate under open heaven all through the year.

A.  Personal Prayer Points for the day Ps. 6:9.

B.  Corporate intercessor for the day – Grace for GFM children to be more godly.

C.  Ministration for the day. People that need the help of God in their family devotion and Personal Prayer life.

DAY 2: 




TEXTS: JOEL 2:23-26; GEN. 26: 1, 12; HAGGAI 2:8-9; PROV.10: 15; EXO. 23: 25; PSALM 37:25


1. II Cor. 8:9. Our Lord Jesus Christ, I appreciate You for Your amazing love that You became poor that I might be rich. You have given me dominion over poverty in all ramifications. The yoke and power of poverty is broken over my life and family. I have dominion over whatever promotes poverty.

2. Lord, give me total victory over every human weakness and ignorance that promotes poverty.

3. Lord, usher me into an era of unfinishable supply from heaven.

4. Lord, cause me and my family to enjoy divine blessing in abundance and beyond measure.

5. Lord, cause us to enjoy supernatural supply, contrary to the prevailing economic factors in the world or in my country.

6. Heavenly Father, help us enjoy Your commanded and unsolicited blessings regularly and abundantly.

7.   Lord, give us in abundance what money can buy and what money cannot buy.

8. Our Heavenly Father, give us the good things of life and things of heaven in abundance.

9. Lord, give us abundant health and wealth all-round the year.

10.  Lord, help me to sow the seeds of favor and mercy regularly, which are part of the secret of financial overflow.

11.  Holy Spirit, open my eyes to where my help is mostly needed and help me to meet the need in that direction in Jesus’ Name.

12.  Father, I desire supernatural supplies all the days of my life, help me to be a generous open-handed believer.

13.  Holy Spirit, help me to place priority on giving to God my best and greatest in life.

14. Prov. 21:20 Lord, grant me the power and wisdom to always pay myself first (saving) after giving God His portion monthly.

15.  Lord, deliver me from slothfulness and wastefulness (Prov. 18:9).

16.  Lord, deliver us from the spirit of stinginess and unfaithfulness to the law of tithing.

17.  Lord, give us victory over all those factors and forces that promote poverty in my family and the Church.

A.   Your personal prayer points for the day Ps. 6:9

B.   Special ministration for the day-Breaking the yoke of poverty, joblessness, debt, causeless business failure etc.

C.    Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.






TEXTS: II COR. 5:7; GAL. 5:6,  MATT. 17:14-21 MARK 9:14-28, EPH. 6:16


1.  Lord, empower me to daily walk in Love and live in Dominion.

2.  O Lord, heal my faith and help my Unbelief.

3.  Holy Spirit, energize me to always walk in faith in all Circumstances.

4.  Father, deliver me from anything that weakens my trust in You.

5.  O Lord, deliver me from Faithlessness, make me a living miracle and a reigning champion every day of my life.

6.     Read Ps. 56:3 and Isaiah 12:2, O Lord, increase my faith in you, help me to operate my faith life from the level of Isaiah 12:2 in all circumstances of life.

7.  Faith in God can turn any form of impossibility to possibility. Lord, make every impossible situation of my life and family possible (mention them).

8.  O Lord, help me to give serious attendance to Hearing, Reading, Praying and Fasting rightly and regularly to increase my faith. Lord, make me a Bible-driven believer.

9.  O Lord, deliver us from faithlessness in GFM.

10.       O Lord, help us to do exploits for You all-round the year in all our Churches.

11.       As led by the Holy Spirit.

A.  Your Personal Prayer points for the day Ps. 6:9.

B.  Corporate intercessory Prayer point: O Lord, make all impossibilities among us possible.



TEXTS: ISA. 26:3-13; JUDGES 14:4; NEH. 9:36-37; PS. 19:13;

I JOHN 4:4; LUKE 10:19


1. O Lord, help me to always walk in love and live in dominion all the days of my life.

2. O Lord, I gain total victory and dominion over evil Lords.

3. O Lord, forgive my negligence in not exercising the authority and dominion given me over the devil, demons and his agents as expected of me.

4. O Lord, I stand in my liberty as a child of God, as a joint heir with Christ and  in the name of Jesus Christ to dispossess the devil of all his claims or grips       over my life.

5. O Lord, I confess in the name of Jesus, that I have dominion over all evil lords and all the works of the devil.

6. O Lord, because I have dominion over the devils, I will tread upon serpents and scorpions and nothing shall by any means hurt me.

7. O Lord, overthrow all activities of evil Lords in my life and family.

8. O Lord, turn every evil Lord that has gained mastery over me in any form to a victim, subjugated his power in Jesus’ name.

9. Read: I Kings 20:1-7 and I Kings 20:31-33. O Lord, in Your great mercy, just as You turned the great Ben-hadad to a great loser and a terrible victim of Ahab; turn every roaring evil lord fighting against my destiny and family to a terrible loser (from Thus saith Ben-hadad the king (v1) to thy servant, Ben-hadad (v 32).

10.  By my dominion in Christ, I declare and decree in the name of Jesus that I am unconquerable, Unbeatable and undevourable (Esther 6:13).

11.  Lord of hosts, cause all the evil Lords to always bow before me in all situations (Daniel 2:46).

A. Personal Prayer points for the day (Ps. 6:9).

B. Corporate intercession for the day: As determined by the Pastor.

C. Ministration for the day as determined by the Pastor.



TEXTS: I TIM. 4:6-9: TIM. 6:6-10:  1 TIM. 3:16


1.    O Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.

2.    Holy Spirit, carry out every necessary operation and correction in me that will enable me to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God, all the days of my life.

3.    Holy Spirit, empower me to perpetually give myself away fully to God in an everlasting covenant, never to be forgotten.

4.    Holy Spirit, help me to always take God and the things of heaven very seriously, every moment of my life.

5.    Holy Spirit, kindle in me an unquenchable thirst for God and things of heaven.

6.    O Lord, give us burning desire for godliness in GFM.

7.    Father, we declare total war against all forms of ungodliness in GFM.

8.    O Lord, kill everything that the kingdom of darkness has raised to kill our passion and pursuit of godliness in GFM.

9.    My Lord and my God, give me godliness with contentment.

10.  God, give me an inner sufficiency that will keep me at Peace always, in spite of outward circumstances.

11.  Father, let godliness make me to be fulfilled, satisfied, complete, sufficient in this life and reign with You in Your Kingdom.

12.  Lord, help us to be godly and contented in GFM.

13.  Lord, uncover every sin that is working against us in GFM.





TEXTS:  II COR. 10:3-6; EPH.4: 27; JOHN 14:30


1.    Lord, cause me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.

2.    Lord, by Your mercy and truth, forgive and purge me of every sin that has open up my life to demonic strongholds.

3.    Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see every hidden stronghold of the enemy in my life and family.

4.    O Lord, reveal and remove every satanic stronghold in our lives that are preventing us from being the best You want us to be.

5.    O Lord, destroy every satanic stronghold that promote unusual weakness in all areas of my life.

6.    God that answers by fire, destroy any form of satanic stronghold of poverty in my life.

7.    O Lord, destroy the strongholds of ungodliness, sinful habit, bitterness, anger and unforgiving spirit in my life and family

8.    O Lord, destroy all forms of mental strongholds in GFM that are weighing us down.

9.    O Lord, pull down every form of satanic stronghold in this local Assembly.

10.  O Lord, destroy all forms of satanic strongholds that promote mysterious problems and woeful results in the face of serious labor among us.

11.  O Lord, set ablaze any form of satanic stronghold that hinders divine manifestation in our lives.

12.  O Lord, give our leaders total victory over satanic strongholds in their lives and families.

13.  Lord, uproot completely any satanic stronghold that is promoting premature death among us.

A.   Special personal prayer points for the day (Ps. 6:9)

B.   Special ministrations for the day – Breaking satanic strongholds by anointing power.



TEXTS: I JOHN 2:15-16; JAMES 4:4


1.  Lord, cause me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.

2.          Lord, deliver me from worldliness in any form of its manifestation in my life and family (knowingly and unknowingly).    

3.  Holy Spirit, deliver me from anything that is cooling my love for Christ.

4.  Dear Lord, a worldly Christian cannot shine for You, deliver me completely

     from worldliness so that I can keep on shining for You all the days of my life.

5.  “Worldliness can make a vibrant Church a dying Church”… O Lord, deliver GFM from worldliness, so that she will not become a dying Church.

6.  Holy Spirit, arrest and transform all members and ministers who are importing and promoting worldliness in GFM.

7.  Lord, correct us in whatever way, the Leadership and the Pulpits are encouraging worldliness in GFM.

8.  Lord, break every link and cord between me and the world, help me to live a life of total separation from anything sinful.

9.  Heavenly Father, correct us in whatever way that what is wrong now, seems normal and what is righteousness, seems strange to us.

10.  Holy Father, help us and deliver us from whatever make us to love what is repulsive to You and hate what You love.

11.  Lord, deliver us from inordinate desire for earthly wealth.

12.  Lord, create in me the hunger and thirst to please God in all aspects.

          A. Personal Prayer point for the day (Ps. 6:9).

          B. Special intercession for the day. All GFM children.

          C. Special ministration for the day – As determined by the Pastor.

DAY 7:



            TEXTS: II CORITHIANS 8:1-5


1.   O Lord, help me to walk in love and live in Dominion every day of my life.

2.   O Lord, make me a grace-giver giving with Jesus and Heaven in mind.

3.   O God, empower me to give to Your work, people projects and programmes joyfully and generously.

4.   Holy Spirit, make me an addicted grace giver – Giving generously, joyfully, sacrificially, voluntarily and whole-heartedly.

5.   It has been said that “when a Church is not spiritual, it is not generous” O Lord make us highly Spiritual and very generous in GFM.

6.   O Lord, destroy the stronghold of stinginess, tithe defaulting and selfishness among us.

7.   O God, help us and empower us to always give in spite of circumstances around. Help us to give by faith and not by sight.

8.   O God, grant us fresh baptism of Grace-giving.

9.   O Lord, usher us into an era of unfinishable supplies from heaven as we practice grace giving.

10. O Lord, what do you want me and my family to do in order to move Your works forward in our Church, District, Region and GFM Worldwide? Give us the enabling grace in Jesus name.

11. Lord, as we enter into the realm of grace-giving, take us from the valley of not enough to the mountain of abundant supply. Let our cup runs over (John 10:10b).

      A.          Personal Prayer points for the day (Ps. 6:9)

      B.          Corporate intercessory Prayer for the day: All ministers and members who did not default in tithing in year 2014.

      C.  Special Ministration for People that want to become or remain addicted grace givers.

DAY 7:




TEXTS: EZEK. 15:1-8, 16:1-58; II TIM. 4:11, 2:21


1.    O Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion all the days of my life.

2.    O Lord, help me not to live to be useless, worthless, unprofitable, pointless and valueless.

3.    O Lord, cause me to be useful and fruitful all the days of my life.

4.    O Lord, deliver me from living the life of unfruitfulness and unfaithfulness.

5.    O Lord, make me a gain making believer for Your kingdom and my generation.

6.    Holy Spirit, empower me to be godly, great, undefilable and unconquerable.

7.    O Lord, make me an agent of transformation to Your Church and healing to the world.

8.    O Lord, make me a fruitful soul winner and a great kingdom builder.

9.    O God, help me to use all my resources for the growth of Your Church and good of mankind.

10.  O Lord, make me a significant contributor to Church projects whenever the Church leadership gives the directive

11.  Lord, let me always be excited with all programmes of the Church as led by the Holy Spirit.

12.  Lord, let my heart be fixed, not minding distraction or discouragement in my service to You.

13.  Lord, give me a servant heart; let my authority be submissive to the Authority of Christ, on daily basis (Matt. 28:18).

14.  Lord, plant my feet on higher ground, where my talent and gift shall be     fully utilized for Your glory.

15.  Lord, let my life and ministry always add value to Your Kingdom.

16.  Lord, let others see Christ in us, appreciate our good works and glorify Your name.

       A.   Personal prayer points for the day.

       B.   Corporate intercessory prayer for the day: War against Premature death among our women folk.

       C.   Ministration for the day as planned by the Pastor.





TEXTS: MATT. 28:19; ACTS 2:24-47, 8:4-8, 11:19-26


1.                Father - please give us insight to the work of discipleship better than before.

2. Lord, let all who are just Church members but not saved, be saved.

3. Lord, help our ministers to do the work of discipleship better.

4. Lord, wake Your Church from slumbering.

5. Power of God to destroy every power disturbing the work of evangelism.

6.  Lord, make our evangelism fruitful henceforth.

7. Every attack from the kingdom of darkness against the growth and expansion of GFM be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

8. Heavenly Father, empower us with Your Holy Spirit to do Your work better.

9. This Church, receive fresh fire of evangelism in Jesus’ name.

10. We receive power and wisdom to retain our converts in Jesus’ name.

11. As from now, GFM, begin to grow numerically, spiritually, extensionally and financially.

12. Lord, rekindle the fire of evangelism in our bosom, make it irresistible.

13. Fresh passion for the perishing souls, fall on all heavenly-bound members in Jesus’ name.





TEXTS: EXO. 19:4;  ISA. 40:31


1.    O Lord, make me a reference point of divine achievements in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.    Anointing for excellence, fall on me in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.    O Lord, let Your blessings invade my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

4.    I shall possess all the good things I pursue, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

5.    I refuse to get stuck to one level of blessing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

6.    O Lord, let all my departed glory be restored in the mighty name of Jesus.

7.    O Lord, anoint my eyes to see the invisible and the hidden riches of this world in the name of Jesus.

8.    By His grace, I shall rise above obstacles, in the mighty name of Jesus.

9.    I receive uncommon wisdom for uncommon achievement in the mighty name of Jesus.

10.  My life shall attract uncommon favour for uncommon breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.

11.  O Lord, be my eternal helper in the mighty name of Jesus.

12.  O Lord, unseat anyone occupying my seat of breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.

13.  O Lord, shower upon me the grace of uncommon success in life and ministry.

14.  Lord, I receive the eagle eyes of Elisha to foresee market situations that will make me to prophesy like he did “By this time tomorrow” (2 Kings 7:1) and things will get better accordingly to the set time.

15.  Lord, bear me on the shoulder of giants and take me to my land of opportunity.

16.  I receive power to overcome limitations in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

17.  I shall walk tall in destiny and run victoriously, my assigned race.

18.  O Lord, take me to my land of opportunities in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

19.  Heavenly Father, bear me on Your eagles wings in the Mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

20.  O Lord, uproot every root of bitterness on my path of destiny in Jesus mighty name.

21.  I shall live to eat the good of the land in peace and good health in the mighty name of Jesus.



TEXTS: ACTS 20:24, 2COR. 4:1, REV. 3:7-8


1.    O God, we thank You for making GFM a Church with the WORD to change the WORLD.

2.    We cast down, every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the Word of God in GFM in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.    O Lord, release the anointing that will take this Church to greater heights upon all our pastors in the name of Jesus.

4.    We make an utter ruin of all strongholds, walls, foundations and barriers that stand against the progress of GFM in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.    By the strength of the Lord, GFM shall move faster in possessing more territories for the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.    No power of darkness shall be able to stand against the advancement of this Church in Jesus’ name.

7.    We shall pursue, overtake and all our lost territories shall be recovered in the mighty name of Jesus.

8.    O Lord, help our pastors to be more faithful and committed to the vision and mission of this Church in the mighty name of Jesus.

9.    Help every member o Lord, to be more loyal and responsible to the vision of this Church in Jesus’ name.

10.  By the grace of God, our portion and water shall be secured in the mighty name of Jesus.

11.  We break every law of stagnation against GFM in the mighty name of Jesus.

12.  Wherever we go, God’s glory shall follow us in the mighty name of Jesus.

13.  We withdraw our wealth from the hand of the bondwoman and her children in the name of Jesus.

14.  Scarcity of resources shall not cripple the vision and mission of the Church in the mighty name of Jesus.

15.  We command the yokes of poverty upon our members to be broken in the mighty name of Jesus.

16.  We receive the spirit of creativity in all our endeavours in the mighty name of Jesus.

17.  In everything we do, Make us the best in the mighty name of Jesus.

18.  Our ministry will flourish in the mighty name of Jesus.

19.  Make us an history maker in our generation, o Lord.

20.  We shall rise above limitation in the mighty name of Jesus.

21.  Give us oh Lord, a conquering spirit and a triumphant mind in the mighty name of Jesus.

22.  I receive fresh oil of the Holy Spirit for uncommon exploits in the   kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus.

23.  I receive anointing to break every yoke of stagnation in every area of life in Jesus name.

24.  I receive grace and anointing for soul winning and impact in Jesus’ name.

25.  I receive anointing for excellence in life and ministry, in the mighty name           of Jesus.

26.  I receive anointing to stand perfect and complete, in every area of life in Jesus name.

27.  I receive anointing to be more like Christ in character and charisma, in the mighty name of Jesus.

28.     Where others have failed and stumbled, I shall stand strong in Jesus’ name.

29.  The anointing that helped Jesus Christ in life and ministry shall sustain me through life experience in Jesus’ name.

30.  O Lord, take GFM to the next level of the front-runner among Pentecostals through the Spirit of excellence and holiness in membership.



TEXTS: PS. 102: 13, GEN. 21:2


1.   O Lord, let my foundational glory as embedded in You, manifest at this season in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

2.   O Lord, let my glory in the valley come forth and shine in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.   My Father, contend with those who contend against my destiny in the mighty name of Jesus. As you dealt with Herod, deal with them.

4.   I shall operate according to God’s divine time-table and calendar in the mighty name of Jesus. I will walk into God’s programme.

5.   I decree that God’s agenda is my agenda in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

6.   Every gate of darkness assigned against my destiny, scatter in the mighty name of Jesus.

7.   O God, arise and catapult me to “a greater tomorrow” in Jesus’ mighty name.

8.   Every battle at the edge of my breakthrough, scatter, in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

9.   Every evil power delaying the manifestation of my destiny, be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

10. By the grace of God, I will not squander my divine opportunities in the mighty name of Jesus.

11. I refuse to lock the door of blessing against myself in the name of Jesus.

12. I refuse to be a wandering star, in the mighty name of Jesus.

13. O Lord, lead me to those who will bless me in the name of Jesus.

14. Father, let life-transforming breakthroughs, overtake me in the name of Jesus.

15. Network me O Lord, with divine helpers in the mighty name of Jesus

16. I break every cycle of financial turbulence in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus.

17. Lead me O Lord, to my own land that flows with milk and honey, in the mighty name of Jesus.

18. Every power that brings debt to my life, be frustrated in the mighty name of Jesus.

19. I cancel every evil word spoken against my prosperity, in the mighty name of Jesus.

20.       O Lord, handover to me at this season, the key of my prosperity.

21.       O Lord, let the spirit of favor be upon me, wherever I go in the mighty        name of Jesus.

22.       O Lord, restore all my wasted years and efforts at this season, let it be a blessing to me in the name of Jesus.

23.       O Lord, let the Holy Spirit be my guide and guard in every affair of life in the mighty name of Jesus.

24.       One day of favor with God is worth more than a lifetime of labor, Lord, take me to my season of favor.

25.       Let everything I represent becomes the radiance of Your glory in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ .

26.       O Lord, let my change begin now, in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ

27.       This season, I shall rise, every shackle of poverty is broken in my life in Jesus name.

28.       Connect me O Lord, with my covenant helpers in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.



TEXTS: HEB. 2:4, ACTS 1:8, DEUT. 11:14, ZECH.10:1


1.   O Lord, give us a new touch from heaven in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.   O Lord, light a new flame in our hearts in the name of Jesus.

3.   O Lord, enlarge our vision and open our spiritual eyes in the name of Jesus.

4.   O Lord, let us truly live and work for You and Your kingdom in the name of Jesus.

5.   O Lord, give us more hunger for You in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.   Help us O Lord, to live by Your Word every day of our lives in the name of Jesus.

7.   Take us deeper and deeper in Your love day by day in the name of Jesus.

8.   Father Lord, open our spiritual blindness in the name of Jesus.

9.   As a child of God, I refuse to follow the voice of a stranger in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. O Lord, give us the heart of flesh to obey You every day of our lives in the mighty name of Jesus.

11. Deliver Your Church o Lord, from spiritual slumber in the mighty name of Jesus.

12. Let there be a repeat of Pentecost in all our assemblies, in the name of Jesus.

13. Fear of God; possess my heart in the mighty name of Jesus.

14. I uproot every root of sin and pride in my life in the name of Jesus.

15. I command every anti-revival spirit in my life, bow now in the name of Jesus.

16. My prayer altar, receive fresh fire in the name of Jesus.

17. Father, let the spirit of Holiness possess our hearts, beginning from today in Jesus’ name.

18. Father, let our spiritual understanding be always open in the name of Jesus.

19. I disown everything in my life that is pushing me into error in the mighty name of Jesus.

20. Make our faith stronger and deeper, in the mighty name of Jesus.

21. O Lord, give us the showers of rain at this season, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

22. Cause our Churches o Lord, to flourish with the souls of men, in Jesus’ name.

23. O Lord, remove dryness in the life of our ministers and their ministries.

24. Back us O Lord with miracles, as we go on witnessing for You.

25. O Lord, pour down upon us again as the former and latter rain to do signs and wonders as You promised in Joel 2:23-30.

26. Let our wilderness become a fruitful field and our fruitful field a forest.

27. As the apostles of old subdued their then known world by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Let Your spirit guide us in GFM to all the continents of the world.

28. By the Holy Spirit, let the word of God come forth to the ends of the earth as Rhema, changing our world to God’s will.

29. Lord, as You used Philip in Samaria and there was great joy (Acts 8:8), let our ministers be filled with the Holy Spirit for signs and wonders.



TEXTS: MATT. 24: 14, COL. 1:4-6, ACTS 16:6-10, MATT. 28:19-20, ACTS 1:8


1.   O Lord, help our Churches in USA, South America, Asia and Australia to experience unusual breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

2.   Give help O Lord, to all our Churches in the USA in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.   Every distractive, disturbing and destructive measures put in place by the enemies against our Churches in Asia and Australia, be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

4.   O Lord, arise for the help of all our Churches in foreign lands, in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.   O Lord, let the Holy Ghost possess all our brethren in the Asian Churches in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.   Father, let none of our Churches in USA become a victim of the evils in that society in the mighty name of Jesus.

7.   Every satanic agenda from the pit of hell against our Churches in Asia and Australia shall fail in Jesus’ name.

8.   We command unprecedented growth and progress for all our Churches in the foreign land, in the name of Jesus.

9.   God shall use these Churches to reach more lands in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Raise more committed laborers for the work of the gospel in these Churches O Lord.

11. O Lord, let these Churches become a blessing to the nations where they belong in the name of Jesus.

12. These Churches shall not suffer backwardness or failure in the mighty name of Jesus.

13. Blood of Jesus, wash these Churches clean of the societal decadence in the mighty name of Jesus.

14. Anoint the ministers in all these Churches to meet the needs of the brethren in the mighty name of Jesus.

15. Let not the hand of the wicked prevail against these Churches O Lord.

16. Let us also give thanks to God for the financial resources so far raised both in local and foreign currencies to enter into these far nations.

17. We cover all our foreign missionaries with the Blood of Jesus, as they go to the foreign fields with the message of the gospel, even in hostile territories.

18. O Lord, we commit into Your hands, the nations in the Missionary Window ’10-40’, that you will grant us grace for a strategic advance of the gospel into these nations in Jesus name.

19. O Lord, let Your glory and that of the gospel go with us as we enter into various unreached areas in Jesus name.

20. In the Middle East , our Church has been feebly footed in Israel and Dubai. These are very hard grounds. Pray that as we rekindle the fire in Israel, the Lord will give us the key to other middle East countries and strengthen our base in Dubai. Pray for Oluyole District in Region 2, as they are eyeing to take over the Dubai mission field this year.

21. Our Church plans to make further gains into such Muslim strongholds as Jordan, Quatar and Malaysia. Let us pray for open doors that will make this a possibility this year.

22. Let us pray for our Foreign Missions Board, being led by the G.O, Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina, that God will grant divine insights and revelation to them that will make the financing of these foreign fields relatively stress-free.

23. Asia currently commands the largest human population in the world with China nearly 1.4 billion and India 1.1 billion. Our Church has no physical presence in any of these nations; Let us pray that the Lord will raise up groaners, goers and givers for these lands.

24. O Lord, cause your terror to fall upon those illegal occupants of our God-given territories, declare that we will inherit the land and many souls will be brought to God through us this year.

25. Pray for all our Missionaries in these foreign fields that they will be baptized with a special anointing for advancing the gospel in their locations through signs and wonders.



TEXT: GEN. 26:1-22


1.   Thank You dear Lord, for counting us worthy to handle Your business.

2.   Thank You for Your faithfulness over our ministries and ventures over the years.

3.   Thank You for the vision and inspiration which led to the establishment of various arms, o dear Lord.

4.   Thank You for all the people You have used to nurture these departments to the present status.

5.   We ask for a renewal of vision to propel these departments to greater heights in the name of Jesus.

6.   Empower and strengthen our work-force who are gainfully engaged in the various ventures and ministries. Grant them the needed grace to move these establishments forward, oh Lord.

7.   Grant our departmental leaders and Committee members the necessary insight and wisdom needed for the growth of each of them oh Lord.

8.   Continue to guide the Church leaders in the right direction as they appoint people to these offices and ministries, oh Lord.

9.   Exo. 36:1-4,give us men and women like Bezelial and Oholiab who will direct and execute the work of the kingdom with divine unction and the fear of God.

10. Dear Lord, encourage those who are serving faithfully with results and rewards, that they may be encouraged to do more.

11. We say “No” to lack of progress in all our departments, in Jesus name.

12. Teach all our departmental leaders to know that success of their assignments is a task that must be done.

13. Help each departmental leader to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit and enjoy divine backing.

14. Whatever oppositions like “Samballat and Tobiah” that may be standing on the way of success of all our establishments, be pulled down in Jesus’ name.

15. All detractors working to destabilize our collective effort to make progress, you are rendered powerless in Jesus’ name.

16. We plead for the grace that enabled Isaac to sow and reap hundred-fold, to fall upon all our ventures in Jesus’ name.

17. We bind and bar all labor-lost over our ventures in Jesus’ name.

18. We turn and transform all our establishments to Rehoboth in Jesus name.

19. Dear Father, let Your business prosper in our hands and prosper everything we lay our hands upon

20. We delight ourselves in You, please give us the desires of our heart, oh

      dear Father.




TEXT: EXODUS 35:21-35


1. Lord, we appreciate You for establishing this Church called GFM upon the solid foundation of the truth.

2. Lord, I thank You for counting me worthy to be one of Your children in this Church.

3. I appreciate You for the salvation, deliverance, victory, healing and all other blessings You have given me and also my other brethren which cannot be quantified or bought with money.

4. Thank You Lord, for the good leaders You gave us in this Church, the General Overseer and his team for helping them to lead us in the right direction.

5. Forgive us Lord, for not showing enough appreciation in cash and kind for all the wonderful things You have done for us in this Church; individually and collectively.

6.  As a sign of appreciation for Your goodness, I promise to begin to give my life and possessions to Your service, dear Lord.

7. In agreement, we pray and bind the spirits that hinder any and everyone of us from giving liberally and willingly to the work of God in GFM in Jesus name.

8. We invoke the spirit of willingness upon every GFM member for increased and bountiful giving resulting in greater blessings upon our lives in Jesus name.

9. Let more doors of opportunity for blessings be opened for all of us, open our eyes to see these open doors and give us the power to possess our possessions, o  Lord.

10. As we are committed to give more for Your projects and programmes in Your Church, take over our individual projects and businesses and let them be backup and operated by divine power.

11.  Change GFM and her members financial status from not enough to more than enough from now on in Jesus name.

12. We command an open door and prophesy financial inflow into GFM IN Jesus name.

13. Open the eyes of our leaders to see the secret of divine provision for Your work in GFM oh Lord.

14. Open the eyes of every member and family to see the secret of Your provision for each of us oh Lord.

15. Rescue GFM and her members from lack in the midst of plenty in Jesus’ name.

16. We decree successful accomplishment upon our projects and programmes at the National, Regional, district and assembly levels this year in Jesus’ name.

20. Dear Lord, turn GFM assemblies to houses of blessings and every member emblem of blessings in Jesus’ name.



TEXTS: PSALM 11:3; 122:6-8; ISAIAH 62:6-7; EZEKIEL 22:30


1.    Thank You Lord, for holding this country together, despite internal wrangling, aggressions and other forces that are threatening the unity of this country on daily basis.

2.    Thank You gracious Father for the relative peace in the country, which beats the imagination of discordant elements within and without.

3.    Heavenly Father, we are grateful for the quick eradication of endemic disease (Ebola) that would have alienated and isolated the citizenry.

4.    Blessed Redeemer, thank You for saving our souls from famine, providing for our daily needs and causing rain to fall in due season.

5.    Lord, we humble ourselves before You and confess our multifarious sins: (i) shedding of innocent blood (ii) lack of concern for the fatherless and the widows (iii) manipulation of political machinery to intimate opposition and oppress innocent citizens (iv) bribery and corruption to obtain undue favouritism (v) money laundering (vi) embezzlement of public fund meant to provide utility (vii) perversion of justice (viii) distortion of gospel truth by modern day preachers. We ask for Your forgiveness and cleansing through the precious blood of Jesus.


6.    Lord, the survival of Nigeria hinges on election of God-fearing people into elective posts, let Your will prevail over human manipulation of election results in Jesus name.

7.    O Lord, deliver Nigeria from the second enslavement. Every power that wants to use religion sentiments to obtain undue favour in 2015 election is destroyed in Jesus name.

8.    Lord, in Your sovereign power, intervene in the primary elections of political parties and pick candidates of Your choice in Jesus name.

9.    Heavenly Father, guide Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) with wisdom to take the right decision that would enhance credible elections in 2015 in Jesus name.

10.  Lord, let the outcome of 2015 elections enthrone Justice and righteousness in Nigeria

11.  Lord by Your power, expose all sponsorship of “Boko Haram” and other agents of destabilization in Nigeria. Speedily bring them to justice in Jesus name.

12.  Lord, frustrate all counsels of the wicked over 2015 elections. Lead all stakeholders by Your Spirit in Jesus name.

13.  Heavenly Father, sanitize all security agents that are being deployed for 2015 elections; deliver them from the bondage of corruption, tribalism and partisanship in Jesus name.

14.  Lord, cripple the activities of all saboteurs who have been assigned to cause confusion and stampede during 2015 elections in Jesus name.

15.Gracious Lord, let there be all-round success in 2015 elections, peace and prosperity in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria in Jesus name.




TEXTS: PSALM 89:20-34.


1.    Thank You Father, for the great miraculous provisions You made for us through Jesus Christ, Your Son.

2.    We are happy to know that Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law and that we are blessed people of God. We confess today that we are for signs and wonders in Jesus name.

3.    Today, we ask and receive Elijah’s mantle (prayer anointing) and enter into the miraculous experience in Jesus name.

4.    Strengthen our faith, so as to have more results as we pray from now on in Jesus name.

5.    Dear Holy Spirit, empower us the more for prayer exploits in Jesus name.

6.    Whatever is there in my life that makes prayer difficult, impossible and unanswerable, remove them dear Lord in Jesus name.

7.    Let all impossibilities in our lives become possible from today in Jesus name.

8.    We prophesy miracles into the lives of all GFM children and youths all over the world, rise up and begin to take Your position in the scheme of things in Jesus name.

9.    We prophesy miracles into the lives of all our ministers; your ministrations will begin to generate miracles in Jesus name.

10. Raise up many more ministers in our midst, especially the youths for miraculous ministrations all over GFM in Jesus name.

11. We intercede on behalf of all our members who have chronic problems and we command their problems to receive divine attention today in Jesus name.

12. You problems in my life and family, (mention them) receive divine attention and melt away in Jesus name.

13. Change our situations from natural to supernatural and from human level to divine, oh dear Lord.

14.  Make all GFM Assemblies prayer-answering arena, so that anyone who prays will receive answer on any prayer they offer there in Jesus name.

15. Dear Father, increase our prayer power and answer to prayers in Jesus name. 




TEXTS: PSALM 119:11,105; JOHN: 17:17; HEB. 4: 12; JAM. 1:21


1. O God, our Father, forgive every GOFAMINT family of our failure to love each other as expected.

2. Help us Father, to give ourselves better to Your word in each family.

3. Increase our love for one another in each family in Jesus name.

4. You hatred and unforgiving spirit, take your leave in Jesus name.

5. O God, re-unite every scattered family with Your love in Jesus name.

6. We take dominion over every spirit of affliction; be paralysed in Jesus name.

7. Every spirit of sickness, get out of every family in Jesus name.

8. You spirit of poverty, you are not of God, get out of every family in Jesus name.

9. Whatever power that is ruling my family contrary to God’s will, I stop them now in Jesus name.

10. O God, have Your way in each family and set us free in Jesus name.

11. My family, enter into Your promised land in Jesus name.

12. O God, in Your mercy let the spirit of success locate every member of my family and let us have complete dominion over all that dominate’ us.

13. In my family, I am a victor and not a victim, no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper in Jesus name.

14. Lord, the door of my family is open to You, come and dine with us.

15. Prophetic Declaration:

     ¨ I have dominion over sin.

     ¨ I have dominion over flesh.

     ¨ I have dominion over Satan.

     ¨ I have dominion over sickness.

     ¨ I have dominion over lack.

     ¨ I have dominion over darkness.

     ¨ I have dominion over every good thing of life in Jesus name.

16. You seed of greatness, establish your root in the life of every member of my family in Jesus name.



TEXTS: MICAH 3:8; ZACH. 4:6-7; II THESS. 3:1


1.      O God, stand by Your servant Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina in all the days of his life.

2.   Give to him comfort that no man can offer.

3.   Papa Abina, all you have laboured for in the Church and in your family will not scatter.

4.   God will uphold you and your family to the end.

5.   Papa, you will have joy over your children and your grandchildren in Jesus name.

6.   Your desire for GFM shall be accomplished, no matter how great they are.

7.   Every minister of this Church, receive greater anointing for your ministry in Jesus name.

8.   Receive more anointing in Jesus name.

9.   Receive victory over every spirit of error in Jesus name.

10. You will not fall in Jesus name.

11. Your labour shall be fruitful in Jesus name.

12. No weapon shall work against you in Jesus name.

13. Whatever you bound shall be bound in Jesus name.

14. The Church of God under you will grow rapidly in Jesus name.

15. GFM ministers, you are all blessed.

16. GFM Leaders, continue to enjoy unlimited dominion as you walk in love in Jesus name.

17. In the name of Jesus, receive sufficient grace to finish well.





1.    Dear Lord, forgive us in any area we have acted wrongly to bring your Church into the valley of dry bones.

2.    We command that all disjointed bones of the body as a result of lack of love will reconnect for proper functioning at all levels in our Church in Jesus name.

3.    We command an end to eye service, lip service and all kinds of hypocritical relationship. We decree the infusion of genuine love in our Church in Jesus name.

4.    We command sinews which stand for strength in the body i.e. men and women of spiritual and material substance to be released into the Church in Jesus name.

5.    We decree the release of both spiritual and material gifts into the lives of GFM members, who will use the gifts to make a difference in the life and ministry of the Church, dear Lord.

6.    We command flesh, which stands for multitudes of people to come and fill our empty seats in all our assemblies and programmes, especially all GFM “sheep” who are still outside the fold, all over the world in Jesus’ name.

7.    Scantiness of members are dry bones in all our Churches, by the unction of anointing, we command all our Churches to be filled with many people in Jesus’ name

8.    Dry bones of our finances, rise up in Jesus name

9.    We prophesy increment to GFM finances; receive anointing for multiplication in Jesus’ name.

10. We command life upon the evangelistic activities of the Church at all levels, begin to yield positive results for unprecedented growth from now henceforth in Jesus name.

11. We release life upon all GFM assemblies, let everything and everyone therein come alive in Jesus name.

12. We prophesy power upon all our ministers and workers that their ministrations and activities begin to produce results positively in Jesus name.

13. We release the fire and power of the Holy Spirit upon every GFM assembly for harvest of miracles in Jesus’ name.

14. We command revival to begin in our Bible Studies for total restoration of our spiritual heritage in Jesus’ name.

15. We release the fire and power of God in all prayer meetings in Jesus name.

16. We decree healing of all wounds and rottenness in the lives and relationship of all Church members in Jesus name.

17. Everything that is inimical to the health, well-being and growth of the Church be removed in Jesus name.

18. It is well with The Gospel Faith Mission International, it is well with my assembly, it is well with my family in Jesus name!. 



TEXTS: JOSHUA 24:15-17; ACTS 16:30-34


1.    We thank You, Lord, for every family in this Church, especially the exemplary ones.

2.    We thank You Lord, on behalf of our good and responsible parents.

3.    Thank You, Lord, for all God-fearing children- members of GFM.

4.    Help all our fathers in this Church to be responsible ambassadors of Christ as the head of the house in Jesus’ name.

5.    Help all our mothers to be good house builders that Christ may continue to live in our homes, oh dear Lord.

6.    Let the spirit of obedience possess all our children, living their lives to please God and their parents.

7.    Lord, I say there is room for You in my family, come over, take control in Jesus name.

8.    Visit my home and bless us dear Father, the same way You visited Abraham and blessed his family.

9.    Help my family to be a true representative of the Church and Christ in Jesus’ name.

10.  I promise to live for You and obey You, have Your way in my family in Jesus’ name.

11.  If there is any spirit of disobedience hiding in any member of my family, expose and destroy them in Jesus name.

12.  I bind and rebuke every spirit of transgression in the life of any member of my family in Jesus’ name.

12. Help, Lord, that none of our children would become wayward (children of Belial).

13. Dear Lord, release the blessings that You have assigned and reserved for our families today in Jesus’ name.

14. It is the children of lion that suffer lack and hunger but we that seek You, let us not lack the good things of life, dear Lord.

15. We pray, Lord, that no evil power would be able to delay or postpone all the appointed periods of success and glory of each member of my family in Jesus’ name.

16. I decree that no member of my family would bring shame and reproach to the family and the name of Christ in Jesus’ name.

17.  We prophesy success of all the educational programmes of our children in Jesus’ name.

18. We prophesy blessings and prosperity upon all businesses, whereby our families are being sustained and our Church being supported in Jesus’ name.

19. Dear Father, visit all widows, widowers and orphans in our midst and meet all their needs in Jesus’ name.

20. We pray for miracles of the fruit of the womb for all waiting families and divine connection for all marriageable singles in our midst, oh Lord.

21. Father, intervene in all families, where there is crises or problems of any kind and give them solutions in Jesus’ name.




TEXTS: II COR. 10:3-6; HEB. 10:7

Few examples of the will of God

1.   Give your heart to God.

2. Submit yourself as a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1-2).

3. Be sanctified and abstain from sin (1Thess. 4:3).

4.  Read and meditate in the word of God day and night (Jos. 1:8).

5. Pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17).

6. Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt. 6:33).

7. Forsake not the assembly of brethren (Heb. 10:25).

8. Pay your tithe and offering (Mal. 3:10).

9. Love the Lord your God with your heart, soul and strength (Deut. 6:5).

10. Love your neighbour as yourself.

11. Love your enemy and bless those who curse you (Matt. 5:44).

12. Husbands, love your wives; wives, obey your husbands (Eph. 5:22).

13. Be filled with the spirit (Eph. 5:18).

14. Preach the gospel in season and out of season (II Tim. 4:2).

15. Provide for the needy (James 1:27).

16. Rejoice in the Lord always, rejoice (Phil. 4:4).

The list is endless. The clarion call today is to commit ourselves to seek and to do the will of God.


1.   My lifetime, I will give You all my lifetime...

2.   Thank You Lord, for all You have done for us individually and collectively.

3.   Forgive me Lord, for my failure to do Your will perfectly and satisfactorily.

4.   Forgive us Lord, in all areas in which we have broken Your heart by not doing Your will.

5.   Help me and strengthen me to do all Your will as revealed in the scriptures.

6.   Fill me with the spirit and power to love You and be totally committed to Your will.

7.   John 4:34, Like Jesus, help me to make Your will and Your work my food in Jesus name.

8.    Lord heal every deficiency and strengthen weakness that are hindering Your perfect will in my life.

9.    Help me not to look at men in doing God’s will but that my life will be a model for others to emulate in Jesus name.

10. Graduate me from permissive will to Your perfect will, oh dear Father.

11. Dear Father, help me to spend the remaining days of my life to make You happy, never to sadden You again.

12. Lord, help GFM that Your will shall not slack or be left undone among our membership in Jesus name.

13.  Dear Lord, let there be a holy competition in doing Your will and Your work among us in this Church.

14. Help us to use in full; our time, energy and resources to serve You and fulfil, Your divine purpose in Jesus name

15. Lord, what is it that You want me to do for Your glory, for my Church and my community, tell me, that I may do it in Your name and for Your glory.

16. Dear Lord, help me to know and to do what You want me to do when You want me to do it, how You want me to do it and exactly where You want me to do it, no matter the cost.

17. What is the “Isaac” in my life that You want me to sacrifice to You like Abraham, tell me, I will give it to You Lord.

18. Release the fire of Your love in my heart, that I may not rest until I do Your will in full, oh dear Lord.

19. John 21:15-17, Baptise me with the spirit of Your love that I may be deeply committed to doing Your will and the work You want me to do.

20. Take my life and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee, Take my moments and my days, Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

       Special ministration: People who are determined to rededicate them-selves to do God’s will should come before the altar.





TEXT: PSALM 12: 1-8


1.    For Your mercy and faithfulness that kept each and everyone of us alive from the beginning of our lives till date, we say thank You, Father.

2.    For keeping and saving us from the dangers that we saw and those ones not seen at different times, Father, take glory.

3.    For the fires and waters of life in terms of calamities and troubles from which You have delivered very many of us, we shout a big Halleluyah!

4.    Prov. 18:10 We confess today that the name of the Lord is a strong tower and we place every GFM member under it for save security in Jesus’ name.

5.    Like the Israelites of old, we plead the blood of Jesus Christ on the lintel, doorpost and forehead of every GFM family and member for absolute deliverance and immunity from demonic attack in Jesus name.

6.    We make a divine declaration concerning all GFM members, “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”  (Psalm 105:15).

7.    We declare divine safety for all our itinerary ministers in all their             missionary journeys, on land, rail, water and air in Jesus’ name.

8.    We raise up the standard of the Holy spirit against all evil tides on all GFM members in every nation of the world in Jesus’ name.

9.    We say, no to evil occurrence, report and manipulation in the life of every GFM member world-wide in Jesus’ name.

10. Release the guardian angels into the homes and ways of all GFM members for safety day and night in Jesus’ name.

11.  Isa. 54:17, no weapon fashioned against any of us, young or old, male or female under the canopy of this Church, shall proper in Jesus name.

12. We declare divine health upon the General Overseer, Pastor E. O. Abina and his deputy, Pastor S. O. Ewuola; no cankerworm shall touch their health in Jesus’ name.

13. The Lord God almighty shall keep the going out and the coming of all our business people in Jesus name.

14. We plead earnestly on behalf of our brethren in the Northern part of Nigeria for absolute protection against terrorist attacks.

15. We pray also for God’s mercy and favour upon members of our       Churches in other Islamic dominated countries.

16. We render powerless all territorial spirits operating in different localities of our assemblies in Jesus’ name.




TEXTS: John 11:39, Matt. 2:15, Esther 8:7

Discussion Points


1.    I command every cloud of failure to disappear in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.    Let Your power O Lord, keep me and my family from evil on all sides, in the name of Jesus.

3.    O Lord, give me and my family rest on every side in the mighty name of Jesus.

4.    O Lord, let Your power overshadow me and my family in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.    O Lord, let every power working against my destiny begin to fall in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.    I command any evil manifestation in my life to cease in the mighty name of Jesus

7.    No domestic disaster is permitted in my family in the mighty name of Jesus

8.    O Lord, let there be a final end to unpleasant or ugly situation in my life and family in the name of Jesus.

9.    I command every power assigned to trouble my life to die in the name of Jesus.

10.  I receive anointing to shine in life and ministry in the mighty name of Jesus.

11.  O Lord, baptize me with wisdom for excellence in the mighty name of Jesus.

12.  Arrow of failure and poverty, return to sender in the mighty name of Jesus.

13.  O Lord, transfer the wealth of the gentiles to me in the mighty name of Jesus.

14.  I cancel every word spoken against my breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.

15.  I recover all my stolen blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.

16.  I unseat every power sitting on my breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.

17.  My home shall be a blessing to others in the mighty name of Jesus.

18.  O Lord, surprise us in our families with the grace of abundance in the mighty name of Jesus.

19.  I come against every household enemy, holding down my progress in life and smash evil mirror or camera being used to monitoring me.

20.  Open to John 11:39-44 and pray that the power of His Resurrection will cause your Lazarus to come out of the grave where mighty men  have buried him.

21.  Pray that God will turn your present threats to challenges and opportunities to climb to higher ground (Psalm 18:29,33).

22.  In unison, let us make the following pronouncements:

       Ø   Lord, as from now, my star will attract favor, either from long or short distances. I will be raised above my contemporaries

       Ø   Because my Redeemer liveth, I cancel my name, family and loved ones from death register, by fire by force.

       Ø   I will not go round in circles again but I will make tangible progress. All my past failures are converted to success in Jesus Name.

       Ø   I reject every attempt of the devil to turn my feet away from the place of victory. I will continuously walk in testimony.


FEBRUARY 1, 2015



TEXTS: 2 Kings 2:8, 2:13-14


Prayer Points

1.    O Lord, make me a reference point of Your divine blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.

2.    By the grace of God, I shall rise above limitations in the mighty name of Jesus.

3.    I shall never get stuck over any issue of life in the mighty name of Jesus.

4.    O Lord, connect me with those who will be a blessing to my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.    By the grace of God, I shall not be a borrower but a lender in the mighty name of Jesus.

6.    O Lord, frustrate every power assigned to wreck havoc against my destiny in the mighty name of Jesus.

7.    O Lord, let all evil words spoken consciously and unconsciously against my destiny die in Jesus’ name.

8.    I receive great grace to possess all my possessions in the land of the living in the mighty name of Jesus.

9.    I break the yoke of failure in every affair of my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

10.  O Lord, let the star of my home shine for all to see in the mighty name of Jesus.

11.  By the grace of God, I receive the key to prosperity and success for my family in the mighty name of Jesus.

12.  Oh Lord, deliver me from forces of vision – killers in Jesus’ name.

13.  Oh Lord, reveal to me the distracters of my family’s destiny and deliver us from them all.

14.  Lord, give me and my family victory over discouragement.

15.  I receive the grace to finish my race gloriously.

16.  Oh Lord, reveal to me and help me to overcome anything that is taking away my attention or focus from God-given purpose for my family.

17.  I shall live to have a footprint in the sand of time in Jesus’ name.

18.  Oh Lord, turn the counsel of Ahitophel to foolishness in my life and family.

19.  Let my glory shine forth oh Lord, in the midst of darkness.

20.  Turn the weakness of my family to strength O, Lord. Cause us to triumph in every home battle.

21.  Let Your beauty be upon me oh Lord and establish the work of my hands.

22.  Oh Lord, let not Your investment upon my life be a loss in Jesus’ name.

23.  Make my family an eternal excellence oh Lord and a joy of many generations.

24.  O Lord, fill my heart with Your Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ.

25.  Anointing to cross my ‘Jordan’ I receive today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.




TEXT: Psalm 89:20-36.


1.    Dear Father, we thank You for the Holy Spirit You gave us as the greatest gift to the Church.

2.    Lord Jesus, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to us as Your able representative.

3.    Holy Spirit, we thank You, because You are here with us in the Church and that You are ready to visit our lives in a new way.

4.    Holy Spirit, You are the one who quickens, flesh profits nothing, therefore come over and take over in our lives today in Jesus name.

5.    Your presence in our lives is inevitable, please have Your way in our lives.

6.    We want to move from non-entity to celebrity in the spirit realm, dear Holy Spirit, release Your anointing upon us to that effect in Jesus name.

7.    To activate all the dormant blessings in the spirit realm, Holy Spirit, release Your anointing upon our lives.

8.    The anointing to rule over every circumstance, release it upon us, o Lord.

9.    The anointing to move from being a victim to a victor, release it on us in Jesus name.

10. The anointing to break barriers and yokes standing against our growth and expansion, release it upon us in Jesus name.

11. Dear Lord, I need that particular and special anointing called: “touch not”, release it upon me and every member of my family in Jesus name.

13. Let the anointing be available and be functioning for the benefit of all and sundry in this Church in Jesus name.

14. We command the anointing of the Holy Spirit to break every yoke upon every member of this Church in Jesus name.

15. Dear Lord, release Your overflowing anointing upon all our ministers today in Jesus name.

16. We ask and receive the anointing to overcome all “Sambalats and Tobiahs” around us in Jesus name.

17. We ask and receive the anointing to tread upon “serpents and scorpions” on behalf of all our brothers and sisters in Jesus name.

18. We ask, receive and release the unction to function properly in all areas of operation for all GFM members world-wide in Jesus name.

19. We need a new wave and new experience of Your power, o dear Holy Spirit, move upon our lives now!

20. Electrify our lives and Churches with the current of the anointing and let us not remain ordinary again, o Lord.




General Prayer

Living in dominion that Christ brought: Zech.9:10-11; Eph. 1:20-22; I Pet. 4:11, 5:11; Jude 25; Rev   

1:5-6; Col. 2:14-15.

The death and resurrection of Jesus did a lot for mankind, he brought dominion to us, you can only

access the dominion if you know and claim them. Read each Bible passage and pray with it, your   

dominion is ready what are you waiting for?

1.   John 8:36, from every bondage of Satan I am free in Jesus name.

2.   Joshua 1:5, every darkness operating in my life, light has come, stop your work now in Jesus name.

3.   Matt. 3:10, every unwanted tree planted in my life; let the axe of God cut it down in Jesus name.

      * Sickness you are unwanted.

      * Backwardness you are unwanted.

      * Wretchedness you are unwanted.

      * Family curse you are unwanted.

      * I cut you all down in Jesus name.

4.   Obadiah 17: in Jesus precious name, I possess my possession. My possession of good health, blessing, greatness, career and other possessions meant for my generation, I claim you all in Jesus name.

5.   Acts 1:8; I receive power from God to do the will of God and His work.

6.      II Cor. 5:17, I declare that everything has become new for me in Jesus name.

7.   Rev. 12:11, I overcome through the blood of Jesus.

8.   Matt. 16:18, the gates of hell will not overcome this Church; every demonic                        connection is destroyed.

9.   Luke 4:18, Great out pouring of God’s fresh anointing, come upon all our ministers in Jesus name.

10. Acts 6:7, let the ministration of the word increase and let saved souls flood this Church. All GFM assemblies, be full of power in Jesus precious name.